Sunday, February 12, 2017

Subak Anyar

Subak Anyar is the small “virgin” spot in northern Bali. It’s located in Sawan village ,Sawan district, Buleleng ,Bali. Or it’s about 17 KM from the center town of Singaraja ,well Subak Anyar is actually the writer’s base camp :) .In addition, the reason why I take this place as my next fantastic chapter ,it’s because this place has potential to be a destination for the people who like nature scenery and life.

As you are here, you would be served by rice fields ,hill ,beach view and the most stunning is every evening your eyes will be entertained by the sunset. This place it’s accessible by car or motorcycle so you wouldn’t have any difficulties to be here. I can say “you will be amazed” ,well that’s all my explanations. Hope you guys to come by here in near future when you visit Bali. Don’t forget North Bali has its own TAKSU, peace!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Melanting Waterfall

The high of  waterfall is approximately 15 feet and it's located in the middle of coffee and clove forest . The sound of water splashing and small birds and grasshoppers couple with remote atmosphere provide a natural feel for visitors. Besides potential waterfall and lake Tamblingan,


 Munduk Village is also rich in other potentials such as cloves and coffee plantations and fruit trees such as  citrus and bunagn plantations, rice fields (Rice Terrace) are very popular exotic tourists for trekking.


Located in the eastern of Munduk village, Banjar District, Buleleng District, Bali Province.


It's about 42 km southern of Singaraja city or 70 km from Denpasar. It also Can be reached from Bedugul tourist area about 30 minutes or drive about 20 km.

From the point of Denpasar go to direction of Singaraja or Bedugul. After passing Bedugul tourist areas, continue journey towards Gitgit or Singaraja. The next, Will meet the T-junction with a sharp bend to the left. Take steering to the left towards the village Gobleg and follow the road up past the restaurant Ngiring Ngawedang. From the restaurant, continue journey  about 2 km to the north (Seririt direction) to arrive in the bend of road with a signpost to the waterfall on the right side of the road.

After arriving at the vehicle parking area, journey is continued by on foot  approximately 500  meters through the path until arriving in front of the waterfall.If you ride motorcycle ,it is allowed to ride close to the waterfall near the ports of entry.

Tickets and parking

Admission are IDR 5000 per person for adults and IDR 2000 per child.

Rice Terrace Busungbiu

Paving rice (Rice Terrace) is located in the south end of the village Busungbiu.It's about 39 km south of the  Singaraja city, correctly  the main street Singaraja - Denpasar via Pupuan. This stretch of rice fields look very stunning background by green hills and in the middle  of the rice fields visible  strands of shimmering river with flowing water throughout the year.
 The all activities of the farmer around  take visitor's senses on a natural life case. From the parking area which  is located alongside a road also provides a stage made ​​from wood so  the visitors can enjoy a stretch of rice fields freely on it.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Carat Waterfall

There is  unique from Carat Waterfall.Its shape that resembles a classic of kettle, Carat or Ceret. Hence, it make then called Carat waterfall. People around the waterfall are said that the place is a little haunted and is expected to every visitor who comes to not issue a harsh word or destroy any objects that exist in this place.

In Carat Falls are two waterfalls, which are large and small. The  bigger waterfall is higher than the smaller waterfall .The height of  the smaller waterfall is about 4 meters. Under both the waterfall there is a pool that is not too deep and is usually used for bathing or just splashing anyone who set foot here.

Then the higher waterfall is about 100 meters and surrounded by high and steep cliffs. However, many visitors can only see the higher waterfall is pretty from a distance because it is difficult to reach. And unique, just high waterfall can only be seen from above, not from below.

The entrance to the waterfall is situated on the edge of the highway-Singaraja Kintamani via Kubutambahan. Arriving in the village will be found Tamblang signpost pointing posted names and big enough on the right path to the waterfall . Distance from this gate to the falls about ± 600 meters or 15 minutes travel time. Next to the waterfall we have to walk through the path by first to past the bridge.The bridge is made ​​of woven bamboo on the  small river, and nearby there are  residents garden of cloves and coffee.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pura Beji



This temple is located in the Sangsit village , Sawan district  approximately 8 km to the east of the city of Singaraja and go about 500 yards down the road to the beach. This location is easily accessible by four wheel drive vehicles. Pura owned by karma / subak members of this village is in the middle of farming country Sangsit village. The attraction of this temple is almost all parts of the temple is decorated by carving style Buleleng shaped vines and floral motifs characteristic of North Bali there are no empty spaces without carving.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan or Pura Bratan, is a major Shivaite and water temple on BaliIndonesia — the other major water temple being Pura Ulun Danu Batur. The temple complex is located on the shores of Lake Bratan in the mountains near Bedugul. Water temples serve the entire region in the outflow area; downstream there are many smaller water temples that are specific to each irrigation association (subak).
Built in 1663, this temple is used for offerings ceremony to the Balinese water, lake and river goddess Dewi Danu, due to the importance of Lake Bratan as a main source of irrigation in central Bali. The 11 stories of pelinggih meru dedicated for Shiva and his consort Parvathi.Buddha statue also present inside this templeLake Bratan is known as the Lake of Holy Mountain due to the fertility of this area. Located 1200 m above sea level, it has a cold tropical climate.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sudaji Village in Sawan District

Since about a year ago, the name of Sudaji Village in Sawan Subdistrict seemed to have been very well-known. However, the village turns so famous is not because of its green area or sustainable forests, but due to various legal and political issues. For instance, it related to corruption of the national land certification program (Prona) and the fuss between the Village Representative Agency (BPD) and a group of residents whose case has not been resolved so far. Fortunately, in the midst of such political upheaval, a group of residents has a noble determination to develop the potential of the village by declaring Sudaji Village as a tourism village.

Since long time ago, their ancestors indeed liked to cultivate many kinds of fruits plants, chiefly local fruits. Around 1960-1970s, the famous fruits of Sudaji were Malaysian mango and lanzone. After the hybrid seedlings of durian and rambutan came to Bali, residents of the village bordering with Suwug Village in the north and verdant hills in the south set to cultivate Acehnese rambutan and Bangkok durian.
So, please do not be surprised if Sudaji has tens of thousands of fruit trees. From the existing data, at the end of 1998 were recorded 1,000 rambutan trees, 1,000 lanzone trees, 200 Malaysian mango trees, 200 mangosten trees, 5,000 coconut trees, 1,000 durian trees and 500 mango trees. Other than fruit trees, the village also had some 3,000 clove trees and 4,000 coffee trees. Within the past three years, local residents started to plant Bangkok durian. Apart from having relatively good price, the durian was more expensive than the other fruits. Now, the Bangkok durian from Sudaji has many lovers so it is always hunted. “Recently, many tourists are indeed watching the fruits while enjoying them at Sudaji Village,” said a resident of Sudaji.
In relation to the forest, Sudaji Customary Village is the village that had received a national champion in the field of forest conservation. Local residents believe if forest can be taken advantage as a tourist attraction. Additionally, the architecture of local buildings remains natural so it can also be enjoyed by tourists who do love natural objects.