Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Twin Lakes in Pancasari Village

The fresh air and cool at the top of the village Wanagiri, District Sukasada Buleleng, Bali, is felt as soon as we walked through. Understandably beradadi highland village. From the village Wanagiri this, we can also enjoy the beauty of nature two twin lakes, namely Lake Buyan and Tamblingan lake, surrounded by mountains.

Two twin lakes are located in the district Sukasada, 21 km south of the city of Singaraja. Located on a side street Depasar - Singaraja. It is high at about 1000 meters above sea level. Actually the two lakes are located between the border of the village Wanagiri some villages, Pancasari villages, rural villages Gobleg Munduk and each has a border on either lake.

From the top of the peak Wanagiri village, we can also enjoy the dense jungle around the lake. Forest area is one of nature conservation area on the island of Bali. In the forest there are many temples which had stood since hundreds of years ago.

The existence of the apes were notb far from the second lake, which is on the road next to the lake Buyan majors Denpasar-Singaraja, which is daily increasing in number, adding to the appeal of the region as a tourist attraction.

On the side of the road, a number of villagers Wanagiri provide a place for the tourists to enjoy the natural beauty of the lake. The visitors can freely record all the beauty of Lake Buyan and Tamblingan. Of course, the villagers hope, can reap the economic benefits of the tourists who visit this place. For example, by opening stores and local craft stalls.

The tourists who visit this region is still low, compared to other tourist areas areas. In fact, natural beauty on offer this type twin lakes, pretty good.

The tourists were on their way from the lake Buyan, also spoiled with strawberry garden landscape with villagers belonging Pancasari. If you want to buy strawberries can directly pick their own hands.

Other facilities available are car parking for the lake, rent a boat for fishing or just purpose for recreation and accommodation facilities.

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  1. I visited this beautiful paradise few months ago after my thousand islands tour with my wife. We have been there for one week. It is a beautiful and most visited village of Bali. This region attracts millions of visitors due to its beautiful lakes and awesome natural beauty. The famous Ketapang Temple also located in this attractive area.