Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Melanting Waterfall

The high of  waterfall is approximately 15 feet and it's located in the middle of coffee and clove forest . The sound of water splashing and small birds and grasshoppers couple with remote atmosphere provide a natural feel for visitors. Besides potential waterfall and lake Tamblingan,


 Munduk Village is also rich in other potentials such as cloves and coffee plantations and fruit trees such as  citrus and bunagn plantations, rice fields (Rice Terrace) are very popular exotic tourists for trekking.


Located in the eastern of Munduk village, Banjar District, Buleleng District, Bali Province.


It's about 42 km southern of Singaraja city or 70 km from Denpasar. It also Can be reached from Bedugul tourist area about 30 minutes or drive about 20 km.

From the point of Denpasar go to direction of Singaraja or Bedugul. After passing Bedugul tourist areas, continue journey towards Gitgit or Singaraja. The next, Will meet the T-junction with a sharp bend to the left. Take steering to the left towards the village Gobleg and follow the road up past the restaurant Ngiring Ngawedang. From the restaurant, continue journey  about 2 km to the north (Seririt direction) to arrive in the bend of road with a signpost to the waterfall on the right side of the road.

After arriving at the vehicle parking area, journey is continued by on foot  approximately 500  meters through the path until arriving in front of the waterfall.If you ride motorcycle ,it is allowed to ride close to the waterfall near the ports of entry.

Tickets and parking

Admission are IDR 5000 per person for adults and IDR 2000 per child.


  1. Melanting Waterfall is a beautiful and largest waterfall of Bali. This region presents variety of natural beauty. This awesome fall is located in the middle of coffee and clove forest. I visited this fall after my thousand islands tour. I liked this spot due to its splashing water, the sounds of the small birds and grasshoppers combined with its remote naturally atmosphere.

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