Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rice Terrace Busungbiu

Paving rice (Rice Terrace) is located in the south end of the village Busungbiu.It's about 39 km south of the  Singaraja city, correctly  the main street Singaraja - Denpasar via Pupuan. This stretch of rice fields look very stunning background by green hills and in the middle  of the rice fields visible  strands of shimmering river with flowing water throughout the year.
 The all activities of the farmer around  take visitor's senses on a natural life case. From the parking area which  is located alongside a road also provides a stage made ​​from wood so  the visitors can enjoy a stretch of rice fields freely on it.


  1. I never saw such kind of man made creation before in my life. But after seeing these images and reading this post I have great wish to go there once in my life. In these days I have a plan to enjoy hearst castle tours with my family after completing these tours I will visit this stunning destination. Nyoman Yudiastrawan, would you like to give me some suggestions regarding this trip.

  2. I am so sorry for the late reply! I was so busy with my job! Anyway a lot of choices the kind of human made view like this especially in Bali but this one is nearby my hometown excactly is in Buleleng regency,Bali! Next time i you have plan to visit Bali just let me now or you can catch me on facebook just look for Nyoman Yudiastrawan !