Sunday, February 12, 2017

Subak Anyar

Subak Anyar is the small “virgin” spot in northern Bali. It’s located in Sawan village ,Sawan district, Buleleng ,Bali. Or it’s about 17 KM from the center town of Singaraja ,well Subak Anyar is actually the writer’s base camp :) .In addition, the reason why I take this place as my next fantastic chapter ,it’s because this place has potential to be a destination for the people who like nature scenery and life.

As you are here, you would be served by rice fields ,hill ,beach view and the most stunning is every evening your eyes will be entertained by the sunset. This place it’s accessible by car or motorcycle so you wouldn’t have any difficulties to be here. I can say “you will be amazed” ,well that’s all my explanations. Hope you guys to come by here in near future when you visit Bali. Don’t forget North Bali has its own TAKSU, peace!